Faleolo is located in Upolu, Samoa and is the site of its airport. The Faleolo land was inherited by Lena from the estate of her father Alfred James Pritchard, and shared in common with other Pritchards. It was subsequently seized by the government of New Zealand in World War II for a military installation – airport. Upolu (Western Samoa) was in no position to negotiate, and the United States relied on New Zealand to seize the land in preparation for the possible invasion of the islands by the Japanese in World War II. The primary center of power for the war effort was Tutuila, American Samoa, where Lena lived.  It was likely Lena expected it to be returned to her in time. It never was.  Other Pritchards who live in Samoa may still have hope.

The family struggled to recover it, but only weakly, and, as usual, could not gather collectively, and appeared willing to settle for stipends or disbursements of the subsequent compensation fund. Most interesting, the compensation commission diligently sought to notice as many family members as possible, and even ruled on the estate of Alfred James, and of his parents, in their deliberations. The Wikipedia has an extraordinary store of information about Faleolo which was collected and since declassified.